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The training module on Confined space will provide learners awareness on the various hazards faced by them when working within confined space. The course explains OSHA regulations that are related to this topic. The main purpose of this program is to help learners understand the possible hazards that they would encounter while working within confined space and follow safe work practices to stay protected.


This training has been designed for employees working in mining and construction sites, to get awareness on the hazards within confined space and the precautionary steps to be taken by them in order to stay safe.


  • Definition: What is confined space mean? Possible hazards (Hazardous atmosphere, IDLH, Engulfment, Converging walls, Asphyxiation, Flammable gases and vapors,) Identification of hazards, Atmospheric testing, Testing oxygen levels, Test for flammable limits, Air Contamination test.
  • Safe work practices: Isolation, Lockout/Tagout, Blanking, Bleeding safe atmosphere, flushing and purge explosive vapors.
  • Permit required confined space: Characteristics of permit-required confined space, Air testing and monitoring, ventilation, personal protection, Barriers and warning signs, Isolation, Emergencies and rescue.
  • CSE Team: Roles and responsibilities of Authorized entrant, attendant, entry supervisor.
  • Training requirements and rescue: Rescue techniques – Non-entry, Entry by others, entry by trained employees. Rescue equipment – Ropes, Harness, Tripods, Winches, Ventilation systems, Lockout/Tagout, SCBA Units.
  • Special considerations: Consultation with affected employees, Reclassification, Special tasks, Completion of work.


The content of this course has been curated in accordance with OSHA guidelines and has been explained through an interactive session using animations, case studies and activities for better understanding.

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