Electrical Safety

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This training module on Electrical Safety will provide learners, awareness of electricity and how it can be hazardous in the work area. This program intends to help learners understand the impact of electricity and what can be done to stay safe while working in such hazardous areas.


This training has been designed for employees working in mining and construction sites, to know more about electricity and the protective measures to be taken to stay protected.


  • Basics of electricity: How does electricity flow? What are the units of electricity? What are conductors and insulators?
  • Sources of electrical Hazards: Possible exposure to current work areas and what needs to be done to prevent accidents.
  • Grounding: Definition and types of grounding.
  • Effects of electricity: The impact of electricity on the human body.
  • NFPA 70E – Origination and timeline.
  • Arc Flash and Arc Blast – Definition, hazards, causes and prevention.
  • Safe work practices: PPE, Written safety program, Lockout Tagout.
  • Energy Control program: OSHA standards, Periodic inspections.


The content of this course has been curated in accordance with OSHA guidelines and has been explained through an interactive session using animations, case studies and activities for better comprehension.

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