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This one-hour training module on First-aid will provide learners awareness on the various first-aid procedures and the regulations that are part of it. This program intends to help learners evaluate an emergency and help in providing first aid for burns, external bleeding, head, neck and spinal injuries.


This training has been designed for employees working in mining and construction sites, to get the awareness of the various first-aid techniques that would help them stay protected.


  • OSHA compliant First-aid kits: Contents of first-aid kits
  • Evaluating injured or ill persons in the work area: Assess the situation, Respond appropriately, Check airway, breathing and circulation of the affected person.
  • Ways to control external bleeding: Five important steps to provide first aid to the injured person to stop bleeding.
  • Introduction to bloodborne pathogens: Risks associated with HIV, Hepatitis B and C.
  • The spread of infection: Modes of transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B and C.
  • Steps to be followed to remain protected from bloodborne pathogens.
  • Minor burn treatment: Physical appearance of first, second and third-degree burns. Do’s and don’ts of first-aid treatment.
  • Head, Neck and spinal injury: Basic symptoms that indicate injury in head, neck or spine and the necessary first-aid procedures that can be given to the affected person.


The content of this course has been curated in accordance with OSHA guidelines and has been explained through an interactive session using animations, case studies and activities for better comprehension.

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