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In this training module on Fall Prevention, learners can learn about terms associated with falls in construction and how to make informed decisions when working at heights. This course will help learners recognize, avoid and prevent falls, and the hazards from causing harm.


Fall Prevention is designed and curated for mining and construction workers to help fulfil the OSHA requirement of working in a safe environment.


  • Statistics of fatal falls – cases of falls in New York City.
  • Types of Fall Hazards – fall below, falls at the same level, struck-by falling objects.
  • Common causes of Mishaps – Improper bracing, Improper ground clearance, removal of vital members, Non-compliance of erection and dismantling procedures.
  • Components, Specifications and Regulatory Requirements of fall control – Guardrails Systems, Nets, Controlled Access Zones, Limited Access Zones, Controlled Decking Zones, Hole Covers, Stairs and ladders, Lifeline and lanyards, Scaffold use,
  • Stuck-by and fall-to-the-same level controls – Housekeeping, Storage prohibitions, Hardhats, Tethering of tools, Sidewalk Sheds
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems – Fall arrest with self-retracting lanyards, Fall restraint systems, Positioning systems, Horizontal lifelines, Vertical lifelines, types of anchorages, Donning procedures,
  • Components of a prompt rescue plan and how to calculate fall distances


The content has been curated in accordance with OSHA guidelines and has been explained through interactive scenario-based learning, animations, case studies and various activities for better understanding.

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