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In this training module on GHS HazCom, learners are exposed to information on safe handling of hazardous chemicals, Globally harmonized system and in addition to this, they are also taught how to protect themselves from chemical hazards.


This training has been designed for employees working in mining and construction sites, in order to understand hazard communication regulations, various chemicals that they would be exposed to and how to stay safe from those hazards.


  • What is hazard communication? What are the possible chemicals that workers may get exposed to? How to handle those hazardous chemicals and store them safely? What to do in case of an emergency?
  • Types of chemicals, Effect of chemicals and routes of entry
  • Possible hazardous materials, worksite exposure, what is the need for Globally harmonized system? Statistics to prove the necessity for standardizing hazard communication.
  • GHS: Requirements, key label elements, Precautionary information, GHS label placement, Pictograms.
  • What is Safety data sheet? Safety data sheet in GHS, Contents of safety data sheet, Employer responsibilities
  • Working of HazCom.


The content has been curated in accordance with OSHA guidelines and has been explained through interactive scenario-based learning, animations, case studies and various activities for better understanding.

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